BEE LB is an array of letters, bound to impulse; they are a writer creating delicate connections. they have called any number of places home; currently, a single yellow wall in Michigan. they are this year's winner of the Bea Gonzalez Prize for Poetry. they are a poetry reader for Capsule Stories and an editorial assistant for Doula of Words.


the inversion of we in The Champagne Room Issue 2 (available to pre-order now)audible prescience in Lemon Peel Press Issue 3: MADNESS (available to pre-order now)Ephemera published in Snarl: A Journal of Literature and Art Issue 3 (print/digital purchase only)crawling my way out of my life, self portrait as voyeur published in Wayne Literary Review 2022 Edition, Escapism (print forthcoming)I DOWNLOAD LEX FOR THE SECOND TIME, etiolate published in ANGLES Issue 10the beginning of the end made endless, left to unfurl published in Call me Brackets Issue 8: Call me [When It's Over]MERCY published in Mortal Magsmall truths published in The Elevation Review National Poetry Month Issueheavy, what hope for life published in Press Pause Press Volume 6 (print forthcoming)only hope subsiding, line drawn, an offering published in Eclipse Zine Issue 03, AnagapesisTHE VOYEUR LED THROUGH LIFE AND DEATH published in Black Stone / White Stoneinstructions for care, to bring life published in Third Iris Issue 3, botanica (print only)1/1, heartwood, the things i want want me / but i do not want them back published in Vulnerary Magazineode to the bimbo published in en⁎gendered lit magself-portrait in a dissociated state, self infliction published in corporeal lit magPORTRAIT OF THE MIDDLE CHILD AS BAD APPLE published in After the Pause5/10, lamentation published in Roanoke Reviewto tell you the truth, i must unswallow my tongue published in Vagabond City Lit Issue 68Winter published in Ample Remains Issue 6, WinterRE-PULSE, death of abstraction published in fifth wheel press FLUX anthology (print forthcoming)


the secret to being happy is to forget all the reasons you have not to be to be published in Another Chicago Magazine Ritual Issueaudible prescience to be published in Lemon Peel Press Issue 3: MADNESS (available to pre-order now)miss you. would like the chance to know you. to be published in PCC Inscape Literary Magazine Summer 2022 Editionhunger moon— to be re-published in fifth wheel press the truth is in the stars anthologyhunger moon— to be published in The Jarnal Vol. 2discoveries unnew to be published in FEELS Zine Issue 17: Growtharduous inclinations to be published in Penumbra Spring IssueA Series of Requests for Whoever's Listening to be published in Red Weather Literary Magazine Edition 39YOKE to be published in FOLIO Literary Journal Volume 37exposure, just a little, just because to be published in Vulnerary Magazine Seasonal Issue: BENUMBEDthe inversion of we to be published in The Champagne Room Issue 2to remember the future, to be published in LEVITATE Magazine Issue 6

Previous Work

20213/22, inanimate love published in half empty magazine issue 01: sweet&sourlisa frank love poem published in Honeyfire Literary Magazine bisexual voices feature: MOON & TIDE (print forthcoming)alms, elusion, breathe grief published in Capsule Stories Autumn 2021: Dancing with Ghosts (print only)Dissipate, Endure published in Red Weather Literary Magazine Edition 38 (print only)SUBTEND, paris of the west, redwood fairy ring, self-portrait as chlorine pool published in
In Parentheses Magazine Volume 7, Edition 1 (print only)
reliance published in Revolute Lit Volume .002emergence, beloved unnameable, i'm afraid to name what it is i'm reaching for published in Wayne Literary Review 2021 Edition, Homebegin now inside, published in opia mag (audio / print)three bodies, springtide, the cherished body, trill, admittance published in Capsule Stories Spring 2021: In Bloom (print only)2020Luster published in Local Honey Midwest2019thelma & louise published in Crooked Arrow Press Issue 4: Pridebirdsong published in Red Queen Literary Magazine Issue Sixageless, transient longing, sinking published in Capsule Stories Autumn 2019: Autumn Gloom (print only)No Intercessions published in Badlung Press "Nobody Knows You're A Dog" Anthology
(print only)