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BEE LB is an array of letters, bound to impulse; they are a writer creating delicate connections. they have called any number of places home; currently, a single yellow wall in Michigan. They are a contributing editor for Pictura Journal. For editorial work, custom poems, workshop facilitation, or other inquiries, they can be reached at the email linked below.


there is a before, regardless, ballastmemories flicker light over camera reel, Concision Poetry Journal Issue 4.1another blasphemous god, dirt childFind the falls through the field, St. Lawrence Distributing the Treasures of the Church, self-portrait as a body of confusion, reader, Rundelania No. 14past down, Harpur Palate Issue 22.1slough, fear and what makes it, my brother; bronzed grackle, A BRIEF HISTORY OF PERSONAL FREEDOM, EVASION, AND INVASION, solar system inhabited, tagvverkcreative inquiry (Pushcart Nominee), anti pastoral (Best Microfiction Nominee), Move, here, manywor(l)ds Issue 1stained glass, Chapter House Journal Summer 2023CALLBACK, all my friends are deviants, Scudfriction polish, The OffingLa Pluie (The Rain), 1886, Sweet: A Literary Confection (ekphrastic)SELF-ASSESSMENT, OxMag Issue 50my brother; bronzed grackle, The Lincoln Review Issue 4collection, Roanoke Reviewfollowing a trail to its end, ballast journalcircus poem #3, The Racket Journal Issue 74my brother; bronzed grackle, The Woodward Review Vol 2, Issue 1ODE TO HOW I HAPPENED, Figure 1, Issue 6bfirst date / end date, G⁎Mob Issue 16: The Thing About MonstersYOKE, FOLIO Literary Journal Volume 37 (digital puchase/print)

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Forthcomingpoem from the mouth of the future, Cosmic Daffodilnothing gets everywhere, SCABnothing means nothing, Bullshit Lit Third Anthologyi’m beautiful again, highlight, cat’s got your tongue?, less than nine lives, hangnail, and god told me to, Bullshit Litreader, i'm sorry if this image is now yours to carry too, Stonecoast Reviewtime has slowed, so, In Parenthesescreature comforts, Needle Poetry2023, Little Patuxent Reviewtime fluid, Mirror Scene, Denver Quarterlyi couldn't possibly know what women want, The IOA FEMIZINETHE LIES OVERLAP, ALONGSIDE THE YEARS, +dochappened, or didn't, Lamplit Undergroundpoem in which i'm the bad guy, Pornstar Martini MagazineEvery night the moon changes / Do you love me / I love the moon., manywor(l)ds Issue 5june, Scapegoat Review Summer 2024Wetland March, Mantis Literary Magazinedogwood replaced by interference, Black Eyed Susan, Belt MagazineRate my body from one to contained, NOSTALGIAHUNGER, The end of the world almost has me believing in god, poem in which i’m the bad guy, SOME PEOPLE GO TO THERAPY MANICPIXIE MAGAZINEthe apples & the bodies that picked them, there are times my body leaves its shape behind, Thin Air Magazine

2024starlit starlet, self-portrait as parasocial relationship, snuff st☆r, devil i know wants the angel i don’t, TWINK DEATH, PULP Lit Magmy brother; bronzed grackle, Packingtown Review Volume 21schism, The Fourth River (print only)sure, cleave, symbolism;, dream world, White Wall Review (print only)iron dream, july again, The Broadkill Review Summer 2024if you haven't makeshift showered in a public bathroom, you haven't lived, Plork Press Plorkology 2024 (print)seasickness, Jet Fuel Reviewlinguistic oddities, ANGLESall at once, The Garlic Pressthere is a before, regardless, ballastSeptember, State Trunkline, Good Morning, The Sun in October, Peninsula Arts Magazine (print)In my next life, let me be, Birdy Magazinestill, somehow, Grief as Juggling Act, en⁎genderedthe definition of home is, the beginning of the end starts again, Revolute .005cartilage, blood, bone, and lymph, Menagerie Magazineto be read in front of a live studio audience, eulogy card, the engine(idlingoff track, escape unwound, a tear in the seam, corporealmemories flicker light over camera reel, Concision Poetry Journal Issue 4.1i didn't see it but it was there, happy dead dad day to all who celebrate 🎉, JAKEstarless, Paperbark Issue 05 (print only)another blasphemous god, dirt childRUSH, The Dream of Reincarnation, Every knife / you push in a man / will want out, Bullshit Lit HORNS Issue 4redacted asks what being loved feels like, The Lindenwood Review Issue 14bootcut, Ouch! Collective vol. 3some part of me always leaking, The Call Center Collective Issue 2the enormity of tragedy is a hard act to follow, Ghost Girls Zine Grief Issuehere is the world & my body in it, In my next life, let me be, when things were good, fifth wheel press secrets in the gardena poem in which you are not playing, trampsetIf life is as short as our ancestors say it is, I've already wasted most of mine, ephemeras Debut Issuecocktail crush, antithetical, gold > silver < pink, identity markers, Bullshit Litbroken abecedarian with a nod toward the history of things, mod podge, Sybil Journalself-portrait as time passing, Lucky Jefferson 365 Collection (finalist for LJ Poetry and Prose Contest)

2023it only took eighteen days, case hardened, The Broadkill Reviewto the constellation of scars expanding my belly, eighteen, when i see the stars in the night sky, THE CONFORMIST, Moonlight Idiosyncrasiesa hasty explanation, The Hellebore Issue 11: Equinoxpoem in which i'm the bad guy, BarBar Vol. II "I Probably Shouldn’t Tell You This"my brother; bronzed grackle, Mister Magazine Mr. Webbluet or something like it, Bear Paw Arts Journal Issue 1to face myself, Vulnerary Magazine Fall 2023 ShowcaseFind the falls through the field, St. Lawrence Distributing the Treasures of the Church, self-portrait as a body of confusion, reader, Rundelania No. 14i remember lying, Anodyne Magazineafterimage, Hominum Journal Issue 4High Noon, tonight's the night, i'm the magician, Pornstar Martini Magazinehorse power, fully benevolent, Dedication to a Sunrise, Meraki Press Borrowed Stories Poetry Anthology (print only)a tear in the seam, i arrive in the world as a mirror, In Parentheses (print+digital download only)degrees of separation, SEPIAlinguistic oddities, DISTEND, a ghost must be, Transients Magazinemy mother's sweet tooth, Third Iris Issue 6: Forever Soup (print only)if you know where you want to be, why aren’t you there?, Heat Gauge, Squawk BackHeat Advisory, The Leaving, Sunday Mornings at the River Mother Nature Burns Anthology (print only)as in tool, JAKErung, midsummer magazine Issue 1all my friends are deviants, fifth wheel press dreamland (republished)poem with the mouth of a fire, life's a circus, i'm a clown! SORTES 15: Sticky Marmalade; Opposite Directionpast down, Harpur Palate Issue 22.1daily listing, Star 82 Review (print)i'm going to die here in michigan, Drifter Zine DELIRIUM (print)approaching in reverse, Litmora Issue 0: GenesisOde to the Hungry, Dunes Review (print only)first chime, Faultline Journal of Arts and Letters (print only)approaching in reverse, Devastation Babyto those unrecognizable in the face of the past, Clepsydra Issue 3: Reflectionslough, fear and what makes it, my brother; bronzed grackle, A BRIEF HISTORY OF PERSONAL FREEDOM, EVASION, AND INVASION, solar system inhabited, tagvverkfear chased me home, Penumbra Onlineuntruths, Palindrome Journal Issue 1: When I Get Youngeri'm tired of virgin saints, give me the sluts, Angelical Ravings Zine (print)creative inquiry (Pushcart Nominee), anti pastoral (Best Microfiction Nominee), Move, here, manywor(l)ds Issue 1i wouldn't give anything to go back, Barely South ReviewLife Sized Barbie, Catchwater Magazine Issue 5: Mediain your absence, Poem in Place of a Poem, Crest Letters Issue 1One Eleven Follows, Snarl Issue 5 (print only)my brother; bronzed grackle, a better happier St Agatha, TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poeticsstained glass, Chapter House Journal Summer 2023when i think of my mother, i remember, Gone Lawn 50, buck moon, 2023CALLBACK, all my friends are deviants, Scudfor you, Deep Overstock #21: Romance (print)the only way is to begin, Woodcrest Magazineinstructions for saving yourself, Stone Circle Review (Pushcart Nominee)friction polish, The OffingOUT OF TOWN, The Racket Journal 83POEM FOR THE READER, what will it take to continue living?, symbolism;, Trash Wonderland (print)La Pluie (The Rain), 1886, Sweet: A Literary Confection (ekphrastic)i will tell you this (ii), i am a body of exhaustion, iconography, a body of water, escape room, theme: life, corporeal litmagHow to Speak, Red Weather Issue 40 (print only, limited run)sweet wet crunch, Third Iris Issue 5: Nostalgiaadrift, 300 Days of Sun Volume 2 Issue 4, Spring 20238/8, i want to create a world in which i'm not saying any of this, BarBar Dreams of 2023Child Like Wonder, Curio Cabinet Magazine Issue 2true or false, more or less, tonight i'll settle for anything, Landfillode to trintellix, Bender ZineSELF-ASSESSMENT, OxMag Issue 50my brother; bronzed grackle, The Lincoln Review Issue 4 (BotN Nominee)Retreat, Portage Magazineimperfect personification, Letter to a Young Poet, JAKEi will tell you this, Great Lakes Reviewode to the beginning of spring, Scapegoat Review, Spring 2023motion's point of entry, fifth wheel press come sail awayspoilage, Nebulous Magazinecollection, Roanoke Reviewloosed associations, mother tongue, Midwestern Heat Magazine Issue 1death of abstraction, Nebulous Magazine (republished)i step inside myself, The Lindenwood Review Issue 13saint lawrence, St. Lawrence County Arts Poetry Thursday Exibita life emergent, The Elevation Review Issue 8semi self-portrait in the world of mad men, Moon Cola Zine Issue 5: What Would Barbie Do?While in the Wild West, birdy magazine Issue 110life as a series of endings with no beginnings, FEELSZine Issue 19: Shame (print only)OVERLAID, MOODY MAGAZINE (print only)following a trail to its end, ballast journala poem in which there are no answers (BotN Nominee), it starts, The Inflectionist Review Issue 15circus poem #3, The Racket Journal Issue 74You Ask Me How I'm Doing And I Tell You, River and South Review Issue 10, Winter 2023deluge, Clepsydra Literary and Art Magazine Issue 2: Deluge

2022AND / WHAT / SO, little mistakes, Gone Lawn 47, winter solstice, 2022exposure, just a little, just because, Vulnerary Magazine Winter Issue: BENUMBEDmy brother; bronzed grackle, The Woodward Review Vol 2, Issue 1this is how you heal, The Ignatian Literary Magazine Fall 2022 Issuename me, Apricity MagazineODE TO HOW I HAPPENED, Figure 1, Issue 6babundance, The Dawn Review Issue 1Redwood Fairy Rings, Popshot Quarterly Magazine Issue 38: Roots (republished, print only)withdrawal from reality, on losing myself to myself, The Institutionalized Review Issue 215 ways to stay alive, deLuge Journal Issue 8.1: Fall/Winter 2022a catalogue of selves, Inlandia Fall Issuefirst date / end date, G⁎Mob Issue 16: The Thing About Monsterssomewhere between the longest day and the shortest night, THINGS THAT ARE BOTH TRUE AND FALSE, Marías at Sampaguitas Issue 5: Rituals (audio)the first understanding of fear, Pink Pansy Press, Issue 1: Haunting (print)on denying myself in search of another, Ouch! Collective Vol. 1 (print)miss you. would like the chance to know you., PCC Inscape Literary Magazine Issue 10: Love Letters to the Forgottenwe know what lives here, There's Nothing Sexy About Wanting to Die, Lammergeier Magazine Issue 13on an otherwise unremarkable night, I WILL NEVER BE A COWBOY, origin story, Poetry, This Screaming Mad//man, Deep Overstock #18: Old Favorites (print, audio)in celebration of a life lasting longer than expected, ari, Third Iris Issue 4: Intertwined (print only)ode to each life within sightline, ALOCASIA Issue 2: Autumn Equinox, 2022the secret to being happy is to forget all the reasons you have not to be, Another Chicago Magazine
Ritual Issue
YOKE, FOLIO Literary Journal Volume 37 (digital puchase/print)hunger moon—, fifth wheel press the truth is in the stars anthology (republished) (print)Hunger Moon, The Jarnal Vol. 2 (audio/print)my brother; bronzed grackle, Many Nice Donkeys Volume 1, Issue 2euphony, Penumbra Summer 2022: Celebrating Prideto remember the future, LEVITATE Magazine Issue 6: Nostalgiaode to this grey sky, Up the Staircase Quarterly Odes Issuedis/engagement, Black Stone / White Stone Making the Machines that Destroy Us Zine (print)the gift of a memory that doesn't exist, i am made comfortable, Ephemera, Dark August, Paddler Press Volume 5: Summer Fare (print/digital purchase only)crossing, Moon Cola Zine Issue 3: Hot Girl Summer Bummerpoem in which i'm the bad guy, nostalgia for what never was, JAKEA Series of Requests for Whoever's Listening, Red Weather Literary Magazine Edition 39 (print only, limited run)the inversion of we, The Champagne Room Issue 2 (print only)arduous inclinations, Penumbra Spring Issue (print by donation)discoveries unnew, FEELS Zine Issue 17: Growth (print only)Ephemera, Snarl: A Journal of Literature and Art Issue 3 (print/digital purchase only)crawling my way out of my life, self portrait as voyeur, Wayne Literary Review 2022 Edition, EscapismI DOWNLOAD LEX FOR THE SECOND TIME, etiolate, ANGLES Issue 10the beginning of the end made endless, left to unfurl, Call me Brackets Issue 8: Call me [When It's Over]MERCY, Mortal Magsmall truths, The Elevation Review National Poetry Month Issueheavy, what hope for life, Press Pause Press Volume 6 (print)only hope subsiding, line drawn, an offering, Eclipse Zine Issue 03, AnagapesisTHE VOYEUR LED THROUGH LIFE AND DEATH, Black Stone / White Stone, (BotN Nominee)instructions for care, to bring life, Third Iris Issue 3, botanica (print only)1/1, heartwood, the things i want want me / but i do not want them back, Vulnerary Magazineode to the bimbo, en⁎gendered lit mag (print)self-portrait in a dissociated state, self infliction, corporeal lit mag (print)PORTRAIT OF THE MIDDLE CHILD AS BAD APPLE, After the Pause5/10, lamentation, Roanoke Reviewto tell you the truth, i must unswallow my tongue, Vagabond City Lit Issue 68Winter, Ample Remains Issue 6, WinterRE-PULSE, death of abstraction, fifth wheel press FLUX anthology (print)

20213/22, inanimate love, half empty magazine issue 01: sweet&sourlisa frank love poem, Honeyfire Literary Magazine bisexual voices feature: MOON & TIDEalms, elusion, breathe grief, Capsule Stories Autumn 2021: Dancing with Ghosts (print only)Dissipate, Endure, Red Weather Literary Magazine Edition 38 (print only)SUBTEND, paris of the west, redwood fairy ring, self-portrait as chlorine pool,
In Parentheses Magazine Volume 7, Edition 1 (print only)
reliance, Revolute Lit Volume .002emergence, beloved unnameable, i'm afraid to name what it is i'm reaching for, Wayne Literary Review 2021 Edition, Homebegin now inside,, opia mag Issue 1: nostalgia (audio / print)three bodies, springtide, the cherished body, trill, admittance, Capsule Stories Spring 2021: In Bloom (print only)

2020Luster, Local Honey Midwest

2019thelma & louise, Crooked Arrow Press Issue 4: Pridebirdsong, Red Queen Literary Magazine Issue Sixageless, transient longing, sinking, Capsule Stories Autumn 2019: Autumn Gloom (print only)No Intercessions, Badlung Press "Nobody Knows You're A Dog" Anthology
(print only)


AwardsWinner of the Editor’s Prize for Poetry, awarded by FOLIO, 2022.
Winner of the Bea Gonzalez Prize for Poetry, awarded by Stone Canoe, 2022.
Longlisted for the Bennett Nieberg Transpoetic Broadside Prize, awarded by GASHER Journal, 2022.
Nominated for Best of the Net, awarded by Sundress Publications, 2022.
Semifinalist for the Gearhart Poetry Prize, awarded by Southeast Review, 2022.
Finalist for the Inaugural Chapbook Contest, awarded by Garden Party Collective, 2023.
Nominated for Best of the Net, awarded by Sundress Publications, 2023.
Finalist for Poetry and Prose Contest, awarded by Lucky Jefferson, 2023.
Nominated for The Puschart Prize: Best of the Small Presses, awarded by Pushcart Press, 2023.
Nominated for Best Microfiction published by Pelekinesis, 2023.
Editorial WorkCapsule Stories, Poetry Reader. 2022—2023.
Pictura Journal, Contributing Editor. 2024—
WorkshopsPoetry as Play April 16, 2022. Virtual
Making the Mundane Shine April 20, 2022. Virtual
Childhood Nonsense collaboratively led with Emmi Dawn. April 24, 2022. Virtual
Poetry as Play Redux April 28, 2022. Virtual
Accessible Vulnerability April 29, 2022. Virtual
Relational Endings May 29, 2022. In-person at Elle Warren's Michigan Writers Retreat
Poetry as Play: Third Time's the Charm July 24th, 2022. Virtual
Self-Assessment December 20th, 2022. Virtual
Self in Relation to Place January 31st, 2023. Virtual
History of Desire March 14th, 2023. Virtual
Time and Place April 19, 2023. Virtual
Self as Animal April 23, 2023. Virtual
Soup for my Family collaboratively led with Nashira de la Rosa. May 13, 2023. Virtual
The Music of Fiona Apple May 24, 2023. Virtual
Art and Arist May 27, 2023. Virtual
Sum of a Person May 30, 2023. Virtual
Directional June 26, 2023. Virtual
Messy Pride June 25 and 30, 2023. Virtual
Hate-riotism July 2, 2023. Virtual
Hate-riotism v.2 July 6, 2023. Virtual
Living in a Body July 20, 2023. Virtual
Revel in the Self September 2-27, 2023. Virtual
Back to the Beginning December 15, 2023. Virtual
Momentous January 5, 2024. Virtual
Revel in the Remnants February 4-March 31. Virtual
Too Broke to Joke About It April 13. Virtual